Wizard of Oz

One would say you were a stream

Of consciousness

Something in you riveting

Yet strange.

Swept I was by you

Serving the needy;

Vowed to help

In all ways I could

Inspired to hope

And daring to care;

I tread carefully

You might as well be a touch-me-not

Shutting tightly at the slightest touch.

As time passed by, you teased closer

Then danced out of reach.

A master of

Blowing hot and cold.

Confused: I was left chasing the wind.

I had a heart to fill with love

I thought.

I sought hard to reach you

But you were the Wizard of Oz

A tiny man behind a momentous curtain

Holding onto his wounds like a child,

And shuddering at the thought of intimacy.

Chocolates.. promises to visit..

all melt into thin air

When fronted by your sheer vanity

And wanton ignorance.

I’m not a woman to love till it hurts

My dear

Not unless you admit it eases the ache in yours too.

But you don’t care about what you’re about to lose.

And you lose yourself something precious.

I’m one in a million.

Duff said it right that we can’t wait

So farewell honey, or whatever you are.

For the man I perceived was the Wizard.

Who are you: Oz ?




Single mom, survivor and exploring feminist.

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Single mom, survivor and exploring feminist.

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