As Bareilles sang:

It always hurts when

Bits of broken me-

Try to come together again.

The woman I used to be..

The scabby, sketchy new ‘me’

And all the beauty I hope to see..

Culminate in each little act of hope

Given out every day.

I’ve just begun to hear the birds

Sing again.

Learning to undo the shackles of the


And re-learnt to dream.

To see with clear, fair eyes

The wild-child I always was;

And forgive society a little.

Ask less of life and do more

So I can laugh a little and

Say ‘no’ where I’ve said ‘yes’ before

Seeing that to love and care

Begins within and healing my own

Broken little parts:

So just as Sarah said-

It aches a little when it all

Comes together.




If I go back

To where I loved one day

Will my heart break or

Will it be set free ?

If I look out the window

Pane to see red and yellow

Will I allow my eyes to see ?

Will I be tormented by what was.

Or will I breathe knowing it’s over.

Can the sleep come dreamlessly,

Or will the images rush in the eyes ?

I’m trying to close a chapter.

Just trying… to not cry,

But to just see.




I remember that time

You placed flowers round my neck..

Bought my roses..

Of every color for me,

Just for me.

That time you wrapped your arms

Round my back;

And I looked down at my rounded


A sign of you and me.

How I waited on the curb to

See your face in the crowd of that

Half marathon in La Jolla

ran by your side to

Make sure you finished

That race.

The way you had a song

For each restaurant you liked.

And Stevia.

The egg-drop soup

And the yosemite hike to

Vernal falls.

We had to part.

And there are aeons of pain

Interspersing our story.

But I believe it’s okay

To keep these fragments of

Memory. That help me make sense.

Of 13 years spent with you,

Yes, I bave

Laughed and loved too.